And So It Begins…(!)

I really want to be good at blogging. I really, really do. As I sit here in JFK waiting to board, it hits me that it’s time.  Time to blog.  I have one bag, and one friend, for the next 4 months. There is going to be so many incredible moments, mostly outrageous moments, and very little practical moments. I hope to update “my fans” (hah!) as much as possible, and will be easier when I get to the New Zealand leg of my trip.

My adventures goes as follows: Thailand (few days), Laos (few days), Vietnam (week), Cambodia (week), Singapore (2 nights), Bali (week), New Zealand (3 months). It all starts today, right from the snowy foggy depths of a little slice of heaven we call New York City. I got my best bud with me as we adventure around Southeast Asia and Bali. We plan on eating our way through the markets and coasts, and meeting as many locals as we can along the way. Neither of us like the touristy stuff, so we will be venturing off the beaten path as often as we can. We will say “yes” more than we will say “no,” and we will trust our instincts and the locals alike.

After Bali we split up and I take on New Zealand solo. The plan is to fly into Auckland, buy a car for 1 or $2,000, and see as much as those 4 wheels will let me.  People keep asking me if I’m ready to “be alone” for 3 months. I tell them yes, rather too quickly. Of course I believe I will find the perfect set of friends who enjoy all the same things I do, and who have the same budget and time frame as me. We will all be perfect friends with the perfect lives and we will all buy mountain lodges in the South Island and, to really rub it in, have penguins as neighbors. So when that doesn’t happen and I am alone with my thoughts? Oh well. A friend I saw recently took on NZ by himself and he said he wouldn’t have it any other way. And I believe him.

There, right up there, is my start to 2015. I can’t wait to keep you updated on all my experiences, as enriching or as disgusting as they may be.  I would add a bit more to this post but I have 30 minutes of free WIFI and only 30 seconds left.


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