Okay, just 40 more hours and we’ll be in Bangkok!

Sometimes, okay most of the time, traveling doesn’t go smoothly, and then we all get mad at the wrong people and things when it doesn’t. WHY IS IT SNOWING, ITS JANUARY AND WE ARE IN NEW YORK, WHY IS IT SNOWING, NOW MY FLIGHTS NOT GOING TO LEAVE ON TIME! This is a true story, it actually snowed in New York on January 6th 2015. Our flight was delayed 4 hours, which gave us a very small chance of catching our connection, which was only a 90 minute layover. Okay it gave us absolutely no chance, but we weren’t bothered by it, we kept calm and went with the flow, other people in JFK, did not.

The first negative emotions came from 2 gentlemen threatening to slap each other because one did not let someone pass to get to the bathroom. I mean yelling face to face, hands in the air IM GOING TO SLAP YOU, Indian grown men. Not too threatening looking, but they talked the talk. Haley and I somehow got ‘upgraded’ to the exit row, which meant an unlimited amount of leg room but an INCREDIBLE amount of responsibility (what if we went down? Peoples LIVES are on the line!). We also never got a briefing on proper protocol, that was fairly unnerving.

The flight went smooth after takeoff, 12 hours in the middle seat with a guy who had his ‘lean’ on while sleeping feeling really comfortable taking up half of my seat as well as his whole window seat. Thanks dude. We got no sleep, we watched movies and drank wine but could not sleep a wink.

Arrive in Abu Dhabi and get directed to the Flight Exchange counter where we waited 3 hours in line. Etihad Airways knew it was so bad they provided sandwiches halfway through. Once our turn we dealt with the complete incompetence of the entire staff. No one knew how to help anybody. All we needed was the next flight to Bangkok and that seemed like we were asking to cure cancer. After an additional 30 minutes standing at the counter we secured a flight to Bangkok, but we had to fly out of Dubai (90 minute drive). She didn’t give us new boarding passes, just her word that we were booked on that flight. For the next 90 minutes we walked circles around the airport figuring shit out. All in all, we found the guy to drive us to Dubai and got there 2 hours before our overnight flight. The second we got to the Dubai airport everything was so much easier.

We checked into our flights and realized that, during their incompetence, someone majorly screwed up and put us in business class. We were flying Emirates, so the business class was unlike anything I’ve experienced (which isn’t much). I’d like to say they set us up in business class as an apology for the insane delay on our lives, but you wouldn’t believe that either of you conversed with these people, it was brutal.

There were so many activities to do that although we hadn’t slept yet (bout 35 hours at this point) neither of us could contain our excitement. We slept for a couple hours, I watched Tammy and giggled as I ate my 3 course breakfast and felt as good as anyone can, ever. Silly how a posh little experience can do that.

We made it! Got into Bangkok at 730am, pushed through customs, and Haley navigated us through the trains to get to our hostel. We showered so hard and hit the streets. It was an insane couple of days but we made it. Never lost our minds too bad, found it hard to complain when we are about to live the dream life for awhile. Just happy to make it safe and sound, Thailand here we go!



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